In the grieving process of losing my son Alex to an accidental drug overdose, I have started writing a blog as therapy. Not only has it helped me, but from comments received, it let's others know they are not alone and what they feel is sometimes exactly what they are SUPPOSE to feel. Bless you all who find yourselves in my position; I wish you weren't.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm the Luckiest girl in the world

Today Alex, we had a gathering of family and friends and said our farewell to grandma Killoran. How silly of me, of course you know. With all the faith I have in me, I know she was standing by your side and held your hand as she listened in on all our conversations and stories we shared. I was ever so happy to sit with the "girls" as mom liked to call them, and let them know how Audra's wedding went and I even got to show them some pictures. Since she had gotten engaged, she was one of the many topics we shared at breakfast when we got together on Sundays when possible. As we talked, it was amazing to hear how happy they were to be there; to be included in this special occasion. I even got them to tell some stories about mum and the fun they shared throughout their years of friendship and travels. Then they all asked how the great grandchildren were, and how we were moving on. I love the fact we all know so much about each others lives. We picked up as if we hadn't missed the last 6-8 weeks of Sunday breakfasts. Her boys got this great idea to make playing cards. This way our tradition of playing CONTRACT Rummy would be forever carried on with grandma not far from our hearts. What a clever idea, and met with much surprise my many who attended. I know it will still be so hard when the holidays come and our matriarch of the family isn't their. I know too well the heartache of missing someone so loved. Knowing mom has you to keep her company, along with her family that departed before her, gives me great comfort. She no longer can say she is the luckiest girl in the world; I have now taken that position from her. And I will admit, I kind of like saying it. Thanks mom. Loving you and Alex from afar; always ALWAYS.

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